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Old 05-18-2020, 11:38 PM
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Thumbs up Pay Back for Not Accepting My Apology

During my decades in the 80’s and 90’s, I had been rejected with girls that I like and couple of them they don’t get along with me. Few of them got me in trouble. Right now I am going to talk about the girls who dislike me and few of them got me in trouble. So they’re going to pay back of what they did for me. Each of them got COVID-19.

I remembered in February 24, 1994 I was in my last college just before I graduate for the last semester. In the library, I saw these chick wearing tight blue jeans, a very tall lady with nice curve. When I saw her, I looked at her butt in the shopping book store, in the cafeteria, and the humanity building. Then she noticed me that I was looking at her butt. She called the security guard on me. Since I am a butt man, I knew I did something wrong for her. At that moment, I took the wrong curve. As I was going to the cafeteria, there were security guards who were looking for me. I knew I did something wrong. When I was waiting for a friend to go home with him, he never showed up. I step out of the college. When they called the lady out of the class, she pointed at me and the security stopped me.

Sergeant Villa: Excuse me. Are you a student for this college?

VJDJ: Yes.

Sergeant Villa: Let me see your ID.

So I show him My ID College.

VJDJ: What happen?

Sergeant Villa: We got a complaint from you. This lady saw you were following her at the bookstore, then in the cafeteria, and the humanity building. You can’t start following people.

VJDJ: Look. I am sorry. I didn’t mean any harm. I can apologize for her.

Sergeant Villa: Apologize? I don’t want you to apologize for her. You scared the hell out of her. I don’t want you to get near her. Look. You didn’t commit a crime. But if you touch her, then is a crime. But if you go near her, I will charge you.

Couple of years later in 2020, there were the Corona virus is starting to spread the whole country. I had a dream couple a month ago about the same lady who I stared at her butt. Since she sold me to the security guard in Queens Borough Community College, she did not accept my apology to her. She betray it me. My grandmother was right just before she died. She told me that this lady was an enemy and I agree what my grandmother told me. By rephrasing my story, I dreamed that this lady who I stared at her butt, she got the COVID-19. While I was in my house cleaning the house, Sergeant Villa called me on my cellular iPhone.

VJDJ: Hello.

Sergeant Villa: Is this George Herrera?

VJDJ: Yes. This is he who I am speaking with.

Sergeant Villa: Remembered couple of years ago in 94 you was chasing this lady in campus?

VJDJ: Yes. What about her?

Sergeant Villa: Did you know that she got the COVID-19?


Sergeant Villa: She called me at the campus and she sounded sick. She went to get a test in the hospital and it came out positive. She is very sick. She can’t talk on the phone. She is coughing, got fever, and short of breath. She cannot breath. She called me to tell you you’re responsible for her sickness.

VJDJ: Okay Sergeant Villa. There is something I want to tell you. I know my mistake. Nobody is perfect. We all make mistakes somehow. Just because I looked at her butt while she was wearing tight jean, I am a butt man, a leg man, and a foot fetish guy. I did not mean any harm for this lady. I wanted to apologize to her and you didn’t let me. You treated me like I was a criminal. You and this lady who reported me treat me like asshole. Let me tell you something sir. I AM THE BEST. I have problem socializing with the girls in school and jobs. I don’t know how to talk with them. But there are girls that can do better than her and any other ladies. I met my chicks online. This is what I was looking for in life and I never got it. It took me many years to find a sexy lady to impress me. I paid them to jerk off with them. I finally got a girl who can do better than her and a thousand time of this lady and any other girls. I met her online in 2009. Around in July 2010, I met her in person. We started dating and I have a relationship with her. Cat4Love and I are lovers. The reason this lady got COVID-19, she did not accept my apology. So she is punished with this fucking COVID-19. She got this for not apologizing me. I am glad that she is fucked.
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